Goal Censoring!



Beyond goal-setting, or perhaps before even setting or planning, everyone runs the risk of shutting down their goals. This might come in the form of preventing yourself from thinking "too much" about a dream or desire, or stopping yourself from talking about it. You might actually form the goal, but then refuse to plan a way to accomplish it because it's just too scary or overwhelming. Maybe you're afraid you'll be judged for having the goal. Maybe you've been told that dreams, goals, or desires like it aren't appropriate because of your gender, skin color, culture, or what-have-you.

Dreams and desires tend to be expressions of who we are, which means that goal-censorship is muting who we want to be, better versions of ourselves that don't get to come to life because we snuff out their source of energy -- our attention. To be the best You you can be, you need to pay attention to your goals, your dreams, your desires. Pay particular attention to the ones...

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