Hi, my name is Ryan.

I became a classroom teacher over a decade ago, and a student of life and humans long before that. While I may not teach in the classroom anymore, I have a passion for educating people about how to develop greater personal awareness, improve their mastery over their thoughts and emotions, and live a fulfilling life through simple tools that take nearly no time to learn, and only five minutes of daily practice to start experiencing profound effects in their lives.


A New Journey

After nearly a lifetime of focused personal development, from book-devouring and meditative-introspection to seminars and retreats, something was still off... In my fourth year of full-time teaching, I fell into the deepest, darkest depression of my life. It was like all the color drained from my world. If you'd have pinched me, I'd have told you that what I was experiencing still wasn't real. After a month of pretending that everything was normal, I came to realize that what was "off" was that I had been steadily giving away my personal power, until something inside me had snapped -- instant depression.


Road to Recovery

Over six months of targeted therapy and enrollment in a self-development course based on Toltec practice, I started to regain my bearings -- I started to return to myself. But the depression had cracked open part of my psyche, and suddenly I found myself open to the idea that so much of what I took for granted as "truth" just wasn't. This break, this fissure in the assumed, was the greatest gift of my depression.

At some point, I turned a corner: my laugh was genuine, I smiled joyously and often -- I felt like I was the master of my life, and more importantly, my mind. I had adapted and simplified the tools I had learned over a lifetime of exposure and those years of recovery in order to break my painful patterns. I went form surviving to thriving, and everyone around my benefitted, not the least of all, ME.


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